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Sungrow-Samsung energy storage

Sungrow-Samsung SDI, an energy storage system supplier, has released new energy storage system solutions at Solar Power International 2016, the largest solar tradeshow in the North America (Las Vegas, NV; Booth #2059).

The system solution integrates, energy storage inverters and Li-ion batteries and is designed to address system integration problems, especially in the North America market and is based on Sungrow-Samsung SDI’ cutting-edge technologies. This integrated system solution is applicable to commercial energy storage, energy storage power systems and the micro grid.

Notably, Sungrow-Samsung SDI showcased its 250kW/500kWh energy storage system which is especially designed for commercial energy storage. It perfectly combines Li-ion batteries and energy storage inverters, effectively solving a number of problems including communication, battery pack design, battery protection and equipment layout thanks to its high system efficiency and compact design. The SC250KU inverter employed in this energy storage system, is best characterized by its high power density, high efficiency and wide voltage range, as well as the virtual synchronous generator. Furthermore, the Li-ion batteries deployed in the 250kW/500kWh system can charge and discharge up to 6,000 times with multiple protection functions and high power density. The Li-ion batteries also have international certifications such as UN38, VDE, CE, UL and JET, and are capable of being used in various applications.

Sungrow-Samsung SDI Energy Storage Power Supply Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. and Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. This unique combination combines cutting-edge renewable energy power conversion technology from Sungrow with class-leading battery technology from Samsung SDI. Committed towards the development and manufacturing of integrated energy storage system solutions, core components such as energy storage inverters, and Samsung’s SDI li-ion battery bank, Sungrow-Samsung SDI provides turnkey energy storage system solutions with an annual production of 2 GWh for li-ion batteries and 3 GW for energy storage inverters, Currently, a variety of commercial and demonstration projects of Sungrow-Samsung SDI are located in Britain, Australia, Germany, India, Maldives, South Sudan, Nigeria, Tsochen Tibet, Zhiduo Qinghai, etc. A total installed capacity of 600+MWh is spread across 300+different domestic and foreign projects.

During SPI, Sungrow-Samsung SDI won the contract to supply energy storage systems to a 5MW/20MWh project located in the south of California. 

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