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Envision Energy

Envision Energy announced the release of Envision Ensight Solar, an analytics software suite for solar photovoltaic power plants.

For solar asset managers and owners, it is often a significant challenge to efficiently and rapidly identify which sites are performing poorly and precisely why; it is even more difficult to decide what actions have the best potential to improve performance and result in the best ROI.  Ensight Solar is designed to address those challenges head on. The analytics algorithms automatically validate input data quality and flag data issues. The system then categorizes and analyzes operational data to create meaningful metrics, detailed asset performance insights, and actionable recommendations to improve plant performance, reliability, and the overall financial outcomes.

Ensight Solar is offered as a standalone SaaS application that can be easily adapted to customers' existing data warehouse systems, or as an integrated part of Envision's solar monitoring and control applications suite.  Both deployment scenarios fully leverage Envision's highly advanced and scalable EnOSTM energy management software platform.

Ensight is the result of extensive research and development efforts at Envision Energy's Global Solar Center of Excellence in Redwood City, CA, where world-class solar technical expertise is being leveraged to tackle some of the industry's toughest challenges. 

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