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Canadian Solar at SPI 2018

Canadian Solar Inc.  one of the world’s largest solar power companies, today unveiled BiHiKu, combining three industry leading solar PV technologies in one new 400+ Watt module: the latest black silicon, poly PERC, and bifacial cell technologies. Merging these technologies enables Canadian Solar to produce the BiHiKu module, a HiKu module with bifaciality up to 75%.

This new poly solar module generates 400 Watts or more on the front, plus up to 30% additional power generation from the back side, dramatically increasing system yield and reducing the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE). The company believes that BiHiKu is the first poly bifacial module exceeding 400+ Watt nominal front side power.

BiHiKu is perfect for large commercial or utility-scale solar installations, particularly where a high reflection ground or surface under the module creates high albedo, contributing to high back side yield. The product will be available in 2019 and pre-production orders are being accepted now.

Canadian Solar’s booth #1604 at Solar Power International (Anaheim, CA USA) honors the fact that Canada is the birthplace of hockey. Donning hockey jerseys, Canadian Solar staff will be talking about BiHiKu as Canadian Solar’s breakaway product, and showcasing the firm’s solar hat trick of modules, inverters, and services.

For product and/or services inquiries, please visit Canadian Solar at Solar Power International Booth 1604 at the Anaheim Convention Center from September 24-26, 2018 or email [email protected].

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