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Sunflare solar shingle

Sunflare is announcing new residential shingles at the 2018 Solar Power International show at booth #2482. Sunflare roof-integrated solar has the potential to quickly replace traditional shingles and tiles as the roof covering of choice for homeowners. 

Sunflare created new patent-pending residential roof shingles with snap-together electrical connectors, and easy, standard-roofing installation methods, with 100% waterproofing.

Similar to Sunflare’s larger modules, the shingles are CIGS solar cells encapsulated in durable, lightweight polymer sheets. Each cell has a bypass diode--that means only the cell that is shaded becomes inactive in a shadow.

As far as the heat goes, the Sunflare panel has a temperature coefficient of -.31% per 1 degree Celsius. Silicon runs -.45 per 1 degree Celsius.

The solar shingles will 25-year linear production warranty, 25-year workmanship warranty, and 25-year warranty on the optimizer.

The shingle prototype will debut at the Solar Power International show at the Sunflare booth #2482.

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