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Solar in Vermont

Standard Solar, Inc. today announced its entrance into the Vermont solar market with the purchase of a 3.2 megawatt solar project in Wallingford.

The project, developed by Wallingford Solar LLC, is approximately 17 acres of a 49.6-acre parcel that once served as a gravel pit and hot-mix asphalt plant. Positive Energy NY LLC, a renewable energy construction company specializing in large-scale commercial and utility solar projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, will construct the array.

“Vermont is rapidly working its way toward the Solar Century and its goal of obtaining 90% of total energy supply from renewable sources by 2050,” said Scott Wiater, President and CEO, Standard Solar. “Standard Solar is excited to invest our in-house capital in this project and play a part in helping the state reach its renewable energy goals.”

The project is being supported by a Power Purchase Agreement with the Vermont Renewable Energy Program (VEPP), a not-for-profit Vermont corporation that administers two of Vermont’s renewable energy programs under contract with the Vermont Public Utility Commission.

Scheduled to be completed by December, the 9,018 solar panel ground-mount array is projected to produce 3,291,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in its first year. The estimated carbon offset is equivalent to the CO2 emissions from 406 homes’ electricity use for one year and 296,750,995 smartphones charged.

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