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Community solar is often an ideal solution that allows solar consumers, including residences, businesses, schools and towns to join the Solar Revolution. As community solar increases in popularity so does the need for funding of these projects. But, as an emerging segment of the industry, community solar has been one of the least understood—at least until now. Nationally known community solar expert Standard Solar has launched a new eBook Community Solar: What You Need to Know.

This free, comprehensive guide to community solar, the fastest-growing segment of the burgeoning U.S. solar industry, answers the most pressing questions about community solar. Most importantly, it addresses how community solar deals get done—and, even more importantly, how they get funded?

In the eBook, readers will also discover:

  • What models for community solar currently exist
  • What states have thriving community solar markets, and which are moving in that direction
  • Why community solar might be right for you.
  • How successful community solar deals are structured

The eBook arms readers with the knowledge they need to make sure a solar project can come to fruition, secure in knowing that it’s the best deal possible.

Download your free copy of Community Solar: What You Need to Know here.

Between 50% and 75% of potential solar consumers, including residences, businesses, schools and towns (among others), can’t put solar on their own roofs. For just such solar consumers, community solar is the answer. 

With access to in excess of $500 million in low-cost project capital from international energy giant Énergir, Standard Solar can help its customers overcome funding barriers from community solar projects.

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