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As the exclusive online partner to the Connecticut Green Bank, EnergySage and its full set of resources are now available to Connecticut residents in search of comprehensive solar information via The newly launched site allows homeowners in Connecticut (US) research and comparison-shop for solar online, while helping local solar installers grow their business.

The entire EnergySage offering has been seamlessly integrated and private-labeled by the Connecticut Green Bank. This includes the Solar Calculator for quickly estimating solar savings, the Research Contractors tool for evaluating local solar installers, and access to the Solar Marketplace where consumers can easily compare multiple, competitive quotes from vetted installers. These resources, along with robust educational content from EnergySage, will help Connecticut residents explore their solar options with greater confidence and lead to more informed solar decisions.

Regardless of which stage a consumer is at in his or her solar journey, GoSolarCT provides a set of tools for going solar the smart way. When the consumer is ready to begin comparing solar offers, the EnergySage Solar Marketplace removes guesswork by standardizing how quotes are presented and placing them into an unbiased, free, apples-to-apples framework. Consumers can then easily evaluate all of their options as submitted by multiple, pre-screened installers. Both EnergySage and the Connecticut Green Bank screen contractors listed on GoSolarCT.

By purchasing a solar energy system through the Solar Marketplace, consumers may save up to 20% or more on the total cost of their purchase, as compared to getting a quote directly from an individual installer. 

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