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Sunnova Energy Corporation, the largest provider of distributed residential solar service in Puerto Rico, announced today it has continued to expand its Sunnova SunSafe solar + battery storage service offering, through its network of local partners, to homeowners across the island. Sunnova is the first—and only—residential solar service provider to offer solar + battery storage technology services on the island. In addition, Sunnova is the only residential solar service provider to offer a 25-year solar + battery storage contract with a comprehensive warranty and performance guarantee to ensure long-term peace of mind for homeowners.

Puerto Rico’s Sunnova SunSafe offering is a customized solar + battery storage technology system designed to replace much of the energy homeowners normally consume from the electrical grid, day and night. Sunnova SunSafe maximizes the use of the energy produced by the solar system, significantly reducing consumer dependence upon the electrical network and in some cases eliminating it all together. Unlike solar-only power systems that do not have a battery, Sunnova SunSafe will continue to produce and store energy when the power grid is down or idle, giving homeowners reliable power.

Existing customers on the island, who wish to add battery storage to their existing Sunnova service contract, will be offered an add-on retrofit Sunnova SunSafe battery storage technology service in the form of a 10-year loan financing option. New Sunnova customers will be offered a 25-year Sunnova SunSafe lease or loan financing option covering both their solar and storage systems.

In addition to Puerto Rico, Sunnova also offers Sunnova SunSafe in Hawaii and California. 

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