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Tigo and Chint Commercial Inverters

Chint Power Systems (CSP), a specialist in commercial PV inverters, announced the compatibility of the 50kW and 60kW commercial inverters with Tigo’s TS4 platform. These commercial inverters are compliant with NEC 2017’s Rapid Shutdown specifications with Tigo’s exclusive UL certification. CPS commercial inverters are shipping now.

Tigo conducted extensive testing to validate the effective performance of the systems together in standard operating environments, as outlined in a declaration of operational compliance last year. CPS’s three-phase string inverters, SCA50/60KTL, can be used successfully in combination with the following TS4 product families from Tigo:

  • Integrated TS4: -D, -M, -F, -S, -O, -L
  • Retrofit Add-On TS4-R: -M, -F, -S, -O

Integrating PLC control allows CPS to offer its commercial customers various benefits to the TS4-F “out of the box” Rapid Shutdown solution. The reduced installation time, fewer components, and less SKU registrations keep BOS costs at a minimum and all projects cost-effective. In combination with Tigo’s TS4 Platform of interchangeable junction box covers, different functionalities can be added and upgraded to any CPS compatible system. Plus, with a single point of contact, Tigo’s superior monitoring software and online portal allow customers to check module-level and inverter monitoring anywhere, anytime.

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