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Koolbridge Solar announced that its renewable energy product, the Smart Load Center (SLC), has been awarded UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approval.  UL is the world leader in advancing safety sciences and achieving the UL 67 and UL 60730-1 listing marks a breakthrough for the young North Carolina company.

The SLC provides Data Collection, Reporting, Monitoring, and Engagement by integrating today's state of the art technology into a traditional breaker box format resulting in a solution that seamlessly provides a Residential Distributed Energy Software Management Solution for both solar and grid-based electricity throughout the home on a branch circuit-by-circuit basis.

Even when solar and grid power are both available, the intelligence built into the SLC gives preference for using someone's own, free solar power by switching as many breaker circuits to solar as it can at that time.

Once full production begins, the SLC will be made available initially through US Solar Installers, Dealers and Resellers. 

The Koolbridge Solar Smart Load Center is a one of a kind intelligent breaker box with the following features:

  • Preset User Priorities - prioritizing loads to match available solar power to home power demand
  • Minimize reliance on the electrical grid
  • Maximizes use of your own free solar power
  • Communicates with PCs or laptops
  • Displays current and historical power usage by time, per circuit and per energy source
  • Time-of-day dependent operations may be programmed
  • Peak Demand Control
  • Real-time appliance power usage
  • Battery technology agnostic
  • Inverter agnostic (inverter must be a load-supporting inverter and inverter and battery must be compatible)
  • Integrated tracking of energy utilization independently for each branch circuit
  • Coordination of total load on inverter and grid to avoid falling foul of time-of-use tariffs
  • Dynamically adjusts loads to match the power available
  • Fits flush between 16" spaced wall studs in standard US wood frame construction

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