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Unirac, Inc. unveiled an innovative collection of new products and accessories, including SFM Infinity, a revolutionary rooftop solar PV mounting system, that optimize the solar installation process. The announcement is the latest round in Unirac’s Better Solar Starts Here program to help customers capture the next level of cost savings and grow their solar businesses.

For more than 20 years, Unirac has paced the North American market as a leading provider of PV mounting solutions. Over the last eighteen months, the company has executed a series of new acquisitions, strategic partnerships and new product launches to expand its offering to provide a more holistic solar installation experience.

Along with SFM Infinity, Unirac unveiled E-BOSS, a line of electrical balance of systems components, and Pro Series Solarhooks, a line of strengthened solar attachments for tile roofs. Integrating solar PV accessories and roof attachments with Unirac mounting solutions creates a better installation experience, from array design and logistics, to installation and service calls, a pillar of Better Solar Starts Here. The program also includes an expanded product portfolio, the result of acquisition, licensing and voice of customer product development, installer-focused training, and UNIRAC’s transferable 25-Year full system warranty.

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