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VARTA storage in the home

Smart Homes are no longer a vision of the future. Garages, shutters, heaters or electronic devices – nearly every household appliance can be controlled in real time via a smartphone. 

The energy storage systems from VARTA can work with the digital requirements of smart homes. The energy storage system portfolio form VARTA focuses on connectivity. The number of partner products, with which the company's energy storage systems are able to communicate, are rising steadily and keep all options open for installers and home owners. The partner network has grown to over a dozen compatible systems in the last two years. 

All VARTA energy storage systems are able to communicate with measure- and control devices, e.g., smart homes, smart load, e-mobility and data logging, and control the load management of up to four external circuits, e.g., E-Bikes or heat pumps.

Energy storage systems in smart homes 

The smart energy storage systems are able to communicate with nearly all components and systems of the home and energy technology. Every end consumer can decide how the provided solar energy is used. If there is still an energy surplus while charging the storage system, in combination with the smart water heater from my-PV, the surplus can be used to provide hot water. The storage system evolves into a energy control center in your home. The data exchange with cross-platform control and automation systems like myGEKKO is also possible.

The solution for an integration of the energy storage system in the home energy supply or the increase of the self-consumption rate is smart energy management because the consumption of the solar energy is not that profiable anymore. More and more solar system's owners realize this and install an energy storage system. If the solar system is providing more energy than the storage system needs, the energy surplus can be used to charge an E-Bike or to produce hot water.

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