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Vikram Solar announcement

Tier 1 solar module manufacturer Vikram Solar announces the availability of three new product lines for pre-order in the U.S., featuring half-cell modules with power up to 425 watts and a 27-year linear power warranty; and the company’s first bifacial module in both Glass-Glass and glass with transparent backsheet architecture.

Vikram Solar was named a top performer in PVEL’s 2019 Reliability Scorecard on the Damp Heat, Dynamic Mechanical Load Sequence, and Potential-Induced Degradation (PID) tests.

Somera Grand Ultima Max half-cell modules

The SOMERA Grand Ultima Max Mono PERC half-cells ranging from 405 to 425 Wp, have a 27-year linear power warranty, with shipment to the U.S. staring from January 2020.

The module’s technological advancements include a high-performance encapsulation which optimizes internal reflection and allows the module to harvest more light; lower interconnect resistance between cells, which minimizes power losses; and the use of three split junction boxes with individual bypass diodes to reduce internal resistance and improve heat dissipation.

Somera P-Duplex frameless bifacial modules

The SOMERA P-Duplex bifacial 72 cell frameless module ranges from 375 to 400 Wp. The modules have a 30-year linear power warranty, with shipments to the U.S. starting from January 2020. 

The module’s duplex design uses UV-resistant substrates on both sides, which increases output, and features near-zero PID due to its highly resistive encapsulant and frameless design, which also minimize moisture ingress.

The Glass-Glass design is ideal for environments with fluctuating temperatures and snowy winters. It is also perfectly suited for high-moisture environments such as floating solar energy systems, which represent an enormous opportunity for solar developers in the U.S.

Somera P-Duplex framed bifacial half-cell modules

The SOMERA P-Duplex Bifacial Half-Cell series with frame and transparent back sheet ranges from 390 to 420 Wp. The modules are backed by a 30-year linear power warranty, with shipments to the U.S. starting from March 2020.

Equipped with Tedlar® based transparent backsheets, these low-weight modules can be easily installed with minimal changes to standard mounting methods.

The SOMERA P-Duplex Bifacial Half-Cell module is the perfect combination of bifacial solar cells with half-cell technology. This module supports very flexible solar plant designs due to its superior performance in shadowy conditions.

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