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SPI 18

Solar Power International (SPI) is the leading North American conference and trade show for the solar industry. Run by SEIA and SEPA, SPI draws 20,000 energy industry professionals from all over the world, more than 700 exhibitors and offers 9 educational tracks.

SPI is co-located with Energy Storage International (ESI), which features more than 165 storage exhibitors. The Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace will take place again this year with a live microgrid and education theatre.  

The following are six of the many notable products and solutions found across the show floor.

Canadian Solar Unveils 400+ Watt Bifacial Solar Module

Canadian Solar is unveiling the BiHiKu solar module, which is not only 400+ Watts, but combines black silicon, poly PERC and bifacial cell technologies. Canadian Solar reports that by merging these three technologies the company is able to produce the module with bifaciality up to 75%. The module generates 400 Watts or more on the front, plus up to 30% additional power from the back side. The module is designed for large commercial or utility-scale installations where there may be high reflection from the ground or surface area below.

See the BiHiKu module in Canadian Solar’s booth 1604 at SPI.

Morningstar Partners with Battery Pros for Energy Storage Program

Morningstar, known for its solar controllers and converters has partnered with five leading battery brands to bring customers a more proven, better documented and controlled storage system. The five battery companies are: Discover Battery, NEC Energy Solutions, PowerPlus Energy Solutions, RELiON, and SimpliPhi Power. The Energy Storage Program has multiple levels. At the Recommended Level, it involves testing and evaluating batteries to ensure compatibility and quality.  Next is documenting all critical commissioning information needed to successfully set up an “open loop” or add-on energy storage system, including set-points, charging data, and relevant settings.  Finally, an additional The Recommended & Certified level supports “closed loop” systems with a higher level of interaction and control between system components.  This level offers pre-sets and custom options along with comprehensive documentation, achieving a truly “plug and play” system built to fully-mapped standards.

See Morningstar’s new program and other innovations in booth 1924 at SPI.

Sunflare Thin-Film Solar Roof Shingles

Sunflare is debuting its new solar roof shingles at SPI 2018.  The patent pending Sunflare roof-integrated CIGS thin-film solar cells are encapsulated in lightweight polymer sheets. The modules have snap-together electrical connectors that ease installation and also provide 100% waterproofing. Each cell has a bypass diode, so only the cell that is shaded become inactive. The shingles come with a 25-year linear production warranty, 25-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year warranty on the optimizer.

See the Sunflare roofing shingles in booth 2482 at SPI.  

Panasonic and SolarEdge Optimized Smart Module

Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America and smart energy specialist, Solar Edge, recently introduced the HIT S Series solar module. This smart module is designed for the US residential market. What makes it smart is the SolarEdge power optimizer, which is designed to generate more solar power in all conditions, including high temperatures. It also offers module-level monitoring of real-time system performance, as well as module-level shutdown SafeDC technology. The smart module is also designed for an easy upgrade to SolarEdge’s energy storage solution, StorEdge, or EV-charging.

See the HIT S Series smart module in Panasonic booth 1520 and SolarEdge booth 2614 at SPI.

Robroy Enclosures Feature SolarGuard

Robyroy Enterprises specializes in the design and manufacture of non-metallic NEMA-rated enclosures, and at SPI the company will display a range of enclosures for various solar applications. The enclosures are molded with a patented SolarGuard sheet molding compound material made of a non-halogenated fiberglass that prevents the effects of outdoor exposure while also providing chemical and flame resistance.

See the Robroy enclosures in the Robroy booth 4044 at SPI.

Carlisle Roof Foam and Coatings

Carlisle offers roofing solutions for new and restored roofs, compatible with any type of solar mounting system, the company reports. Rather than installing new solar on an old roof, the roof can be restored with acrylic and silicone roof coatings. Or for new construction, a spray polyurethane foam can be applied. Carlisle is exhibiting at SPI along with Standard Solar—presenting together their full suite of services from finance to EPC.

See Carlisle and Standard Solar in booth 3671 in the Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace at SPI.

Written by Anne Fischer, Managing Editor, Solar Novus Today

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