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Yotta Solar Energy Storage

The patented SolarLEAF, introduced by Yotta Solar, uses the world’s first and only 100% passive thermal regulation system for panel-level energy storage. This passive temperature regulation enables the system to operate in extreme temperatures while protecting the battery life and without degrading performance. The plug-and-play design simplifies the integration of energy storage with solar PV and eliminates the need for heavy, difficult to install enclosures, complicated HVAC systems that require parasitic loads, and expensive fire suppression systems.

Solar Power International (SPI) in Anaheim, California (US) Sept. 24-27 Booth #3869

The SolarLeaf systems have no risk of cascading thermal events and can be installed in locations where centralized large-scale lithium-ion battery storage is not permissible. The DC-coupled SolarLEAF also doesn’t require a separate battery inverter setup, improving the solar plus storage system’s cost, efficiency, and reliability, while simplifying the interconnection process.

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