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Zipper factory goes solar

SunGreen Systems designed and installed a 521 kW rooftop solar system for YKK U.S.A., Inc. The new photovoltaic systems will generate sufficient power to meet 97.6% of the energy needs of YKK’s zipper manufacturing facility and it will be the fourth largest solar array in operation in the city of Anaheim.

SunGreen Systems designed and installed the new solar system using 1,968 solar panels provided by Mitsubishi Electric. The total power output for the new solar system is 521.5 kW of DC power, with an annual power capacity of 843,336 kWh. The new solar installation will not only deliver all of the power needed for YKK’s Anaheim plant, but it will also help fulfill the YKK’s mission of environmental protection and sustainability for its global operations.

The new YKK solar system will offset 896 tons of carbon dioxide annually, or an estimated 27,000 tons of CO2 over the life of the solar system. That’s the equivalent of planting 4,484 trees each year or 134,520 trees over the life of the system.

Using solar power for YKK’s Anaheim facility supports the company’s 1994 Environmental Charter to support conservation and preserve natural resources for future generations. YKK has 109 affiliated organizations in more than 70 countries with more than 39,000 employees.

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